3m30, ©pascale weber, 2012, clarifications brouillonnes.

The Undertaking is Colossal and the Dreams Persistent. (Translation)

Before all else, it is necessary to evoke a certain way of functioning: the dynamics of discomfort and accidents.

- Discomfort as a need because it participates in our emotional nourishment by putting the body, our senses, our representations, and our identity to the test.

- Discomfort is an experimental environment which encourages and sparks disorder and a context of instability, only loosly controlled, able in turn to provoke what previously would have been inconceivable.

No, it is not entertainment. Nothing spectacular. It involves maintaining a latent crisis, rhythmed by sudden fractures.  It points out and denounces the opinions delivered by the consensus.

It adjusts our representation. In an empirical way, without reference points (outdated as soon as they are defined). It disappoints, it irritates, it is at almost the right place at almost the right time... The radiant horizon of discomfort would be achieving acknowledgment despite having almost the wrong profile. It fosters freedom.

- Finally, the dynamics of discomfort and fate are not only a context or a way of functioning. It is a controversial position in three simultaneous directions, contradictory and nevertheless unified: a " principle of equivalence " ( Filliou)

1- (well done): The pressure due to the challenge and also to the necessary energy to make something somewhere which reveals the logic of the territory, its occupants. It has to surpass the necessary confrontation and allow the "Blurring of art and life".

2- (badly done): The time of disappointment, connected to the refusal to do exactly what is expected of me. The challenge drives me somewhere else and despite my wish to do well, I take an unexpected direction: there is nothing specific to await but just to enjoy the mechanism: environment / process / experiment.

3- (not done): Out of time, neither under pressure nor depressed, the moment of the breath. If nothing is done, everything remains possible. It is exactly what allows art to make life more interesting than art...

I act according to this modus operandi in the performances, during artistic residencies, in sound installations, video works, art and aesthetics critic texts, poetic writings, novels, and university lectures.

pascale weber, 2012