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Interview de P. Weber par Cécile Jouanel (2004) :

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Portrait of an artist: Pascale Weber

(Domestic art, Art of the encounter)

For the last 4 years, Pascale Weber has been working on 'territory', trying especially to delineate  the artist's territory.  “I initially thought of museums as their place of preference.  I therefore began my underground work there.” 

Through the roles of museum squatter, treasurer of memories, domestic art representative, and artist making house calls, Pascale Weber, videographer,  seeks through these various experiences to define the space that society reserves for artists.  Unknown, she invites herself to museums and art centers where she carries out her unauthorized operations.  She sets up her photo exhibit and then sends out invitations to officials- effectively setting up an interplay of characters who are outsiders to the world of art- and then films them in this setting.  At the  Nicéphore-Niepce museum in  Chalon-sur-Saône, France, the museum attendants finally became aware of her “undercover” exhibit, and went after her.

Cécile Jouanel   

Turbulences vidéo # 65 et VIDEOFORMES

We offered her a first exhibition. A first step we came along with. Later we agreed on a new challenge : a residency, long lasting, in people’s homes and later in the public space : families, curators, artist and public gathered for a final exhibition and a banquet ! Later came more videos, installations, more residencies a long way from home at times, texts (because she writes !), symposiums : Pascale Weber never stops a second and this artist portrait reveals part only oh her nature.

Gabriel Soucheyre   


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