ACTUALITES / Article to be published in the new British review Scene :

‘’Rew (Immémorial #6) : What is surfacing and submerging’’

Immémorial received the Pierre Schaeffer Prize awarded by the SCAM. (December 2010)

Immémorial (1996 - 2011)

An immersive memory mechanism

Immémorial is an immersive scientific and artistic project that offers a (re)constitution and a taxonomy of models of constituent memories which form our identity.

Owing to the technical process of spatialization of the images and sound trajectories (via eight points), Immémorial projects the viewer into the heart of an environment which is divided into 27 ambiances based on strong experiences, in order awaken long-term memory.

The discovery of our senses, our earliest emotions, our frustrations and our desire is treated as evidence via audio-video case-studies ; reconstituting a typology of the commonplaces of our memory, the extension by fiction.

Indeed, Immémorial deals with the functioning dynamics of our memory and its anticipatory prolongation with our imagination and the network of meaning that these functions continuously weave.

Conversely, the structure of computer languages used for distributing the video image and sound spatialization, guide the construction of the narrative and the return of the memorial experience in the device.

This is the world narrowed in the heart of an enclosed space, a metaphor for a major societal issue: Can we finally see the world as a plurality ? Can we think outside of one's body, from other bodies, from a common body? Can we escape the limits of our physical body in the body-friendly device, as a network, extended by the machine, become system, process ...

©Immémorial, PascaleWeber/GMEM/Euphonia/MIM/SCAM/LEEE

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